Laboratório de Desempenho Logístico

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Research Lines


The LDL conducts research especially focused on two major areas: the Logistics Performance Measurement and Benchmarking Logistics. The first has as its goal the development of technologies for the measurement, analysis and improvement of logistics performance, focusing on the study of individual systems, as a company, a territory or a supply chain. Already work in the area of ​​logistics Benchmarking aim to continuously assess and measure the performance and practices of a system in comparison with other existing. Your goal is to identify differences lead to improvement through the use of performance indicators, processes or strategic levels of performance.

In this sense, the research currently under development in LDL relate to themes:

  • Evaluation of the maturity of logistics systems
  • Indicator unique assessment of logistics performance
  • Reverse Logistics
  • Interoperability logistics
  • Eco-efficiency in logistics
  • The cost of logistics
  • Logistics lean or lean logistics